Sunday, February 1, 2015


B has always had an amazing attitude. He would say things like "I. Am. AWESOME!" And "today is the BEST DAY EVER!" It was wonderful and it was contagious. He hasn't said those things in a while and I really miss it.

He wasn't born "normal" or "average". But he was born "awesome"! He has been given so many gifts to guide him through his trials. Each one of our children have been given amazing gifts to guide them throughout this life. I hope each of them can find it within themselves to say in the mirror each morning, "I'm not here to be average, I'm here to be awesome!"

I don't think anyone is "normal", what does it mean to be "normal" anyway? There is so much diversity in the world today that I do not think anyone can truly tell what categorizes a person as "normal". There are plenty of "average" people in the world though. What categorizes someone as "average"? I believe it is someone who just lays own and covers themselves in the label the world has put on them, someone who essentially gives up trying to be anything but what others say they can be. What they are allowed to be. An average person makes decisions based on what fits in "the box". Who draws that box? The world, other people, satan. We have the eraser. God gave us the eraser. We can erase the box, and let our minds and imaginations take us places. Let our hopes and our dreams lift us up. Let our uniqueness, our personalities, our trials and our blessings motivate us. We can erase the box of average and be awesome!

That is my hope and dream for each of our children.

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