Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New treatment for B...new hope...

It has been about two weeks since I took B to see Dr. Elizabeth Laurenson, ND. First of all, what is an "ND" or Naturopathic doctor? This link explains it: http://www.nawellness.com/what-is-the-difference-between-an-nd-and-an-md-2/ .

Why did we go to Dr. Laurenson? B was diagnosed in November 2012. This past November, two years later, his tics started to get worse. It started to effect him at school and his peers were reacting to them. One time we were in a grocery store and he was ticking, I didn't realize how bad it was, but another child said something and B wanted to go home, to leave the store, NOW. He was so embarrassed. That is when I knew we had to do something different. The oil and massage and dietary things we had been doing for him just were not enough anymore. I started to pray and do a lot of research. It became almost a full time job.

We talked to B's primary doctor and told him our concerns about giving B chemical drugs that can alter his brain at such a young and developing stage. His doctor listened to our concerns and was very sympathetic to us and encouraged us to see a naturopathic doctor first to see if we can treat B that way. I really appreciated his openness.

We have done a lot of research about the different drugs available for tourrette's patients and, quite frankly, the side effects were scary to us. Then one night I had a dream where B, as an adult, came to me. He was so depressed and told me that he would rather of had his tics to deal with then all of the side effects that he now has to cope with for his entire life. It broke my heart, I woke up crying, and it still haunts me. I had been praying as to what I should do for our son and that night I believe I received a very clear answer. We need to try natural remedies for him first.

*On a side note, I do not intend to offend anyone. We do have a variety of inherited diseases and health problems that run on both sides of B's family that make taking medicines and dealing with side effects a little more tricky. Certain drugs that would have minor side effects for some people could be seriously life altering in a negative way or even life threatening for B either immediately or eventually. I am not, in any way, saying that people should not take medications or that parents who treat their children with prescription drugs are doing anything wrong. Every child and every case is unique and it is between the patient, parents, and team of doctors to decide what is best. I am a "whole picture" type of person and believe in traditional medicine as much as I believe in modern medicine. However, for our B and his particular needs and situation, this is what we feel is best for him.  

I contacted a clinic in Albany, and they could not get us in until July. Then after a few weeks, I learned of Dr. Laurenson in Corvallis and they could get us in at the end of March! So we went in and talked with her. She started him on several supplements and then will see him back in three months.  Here is what we are doing for him:

250MG Magnesium powder...
500mg fish oils...
1,000 units of vitamin D
25-50mg B6 (in a B complex)...
.25ml Tic Tamer (tm)...
Probiotic powder - a pinch sprinkled on food once a day

B's teacher and we have seen improvements in his tics, his restlessness, and his ability to focus almost immediately. It has been quite amazing. 

He still struggles a little bit with OCD. He will take forever to finish assignments because he will erase a word five times because it was not neat enough, even though it was already almost perfect. Hopefully, that will come with time. 

For now, we feel like we can breath and there is hope for B. He is doing really good and finally has been able to get a little break from his tics. They are still there and some days are more than others, but overall he is doing much better. As a mother, I have been very happy with this new treatment and only pray that it will continue to work for our sweet B.